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Phil Ferguson


I worked a number of times with Irijah on my digestive health challenges, and I gained a lot from his knowledge and assistance! He helped me develop a much better understanding about how to consider my nutrition, and provided experiential learning in how to listen to what my body wants and doesn't want through using biofeedback. I highly recommend...

Joy Smith


Irijah showed me the miracle of my blood. The different parts and what they tell me about my health. Through his bio true machine he helped me determine what supplements would assist my body to get stronger and healthier. I would highly recommend experiencing this amazing process for yourself.

Kate Knowles


My paradigm and relationship with my body shifted in a powerful way during my consultation with Irijah Rivers. Seeing my blood and saliva through the lens of a microscope and learning what I was looking at was a breathtaking experience and altered how I view my health and my own existence. If you have any curiosity around what your body...