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Irijah McDowell, Nutripath
Holistic Health Coach 

Optimal Health and Wellness is a daily practice and a lifelong journey! I can help you obtain and maintain your highest potential of health!

Our bodies are absolutely amazing and have the potential to heal from practically Anything! However we must maintain the Regulatory Systems that include our Elimination Organs (ie. our lymph, colon, kidneys, liver, bowels and skin), Immune System, and Gut Microbiome. Through the food we eat, movement, proper water intake, stress reduction, specific whole food vital nutrients, gut probiotics, and detoxification we can heal and maintain that regulatory system!

In our world today most of us are deficient in the vital nutrients our bodies need in order to maintain optimal health. This is why adding Vitamins, Minerals, Enzymes, Amino Acids, Fatty Acids, Trace Elements and Probiotics in a whole food supplemental form is so important! Through a biofeedback test we can find what works spicificly for you. When healing the body requires up to 7 times more nutrition to heal itself than the current daily recommended allowances. With whole food, whole food supplements and healthy lifestyle practices our bodies can give us the energy, mental clarity, stamina, proper digestion and better quality of life that we deserve.

Pain and degeneration is the expression of a reduction in the bodies ability to regulate itself and the result of degenerative development due to compounding issues such as lack of these vital nutrients, environmental and dietary toxins (such as heavy metals, hyperproteinemia, preservatives, chemical food additives, and stress). These toxins create blockages in our system, reduce our bodies electromagnetic field and support the growth of degenerative micro-organisms such as harmful bacteria, viruses, fungus and parasites. However with a healthy regulatory & immune system function all of these toxins and ailments can be eliminated and the power of our self-healing system can be brought back into balance. I would like to help you achieve this balance as well as Fullness of life through Great Health!

So let's get started!


Holistic Health Coach

Our bodies when functioning at their highest capacity can heal infection, dis-ease & relieve stress that blocks us from being our best! Reaching our full potential & vitality is possible when we put holistic principles into practice in our lives every day. Holistic meaning we address all the various lifestyle & dietary habits that affect our body & not just alleviate the symptoms.

To begin we must recognize & step into our personal power! The responsibility we have around the foods we eat and our daily habits we have make a profound impact on our health!

As a Holistic Health Coach I will help you hear what your body is telling you & teach you practical ways to integrate healthier habits into your daily life. I will be an accountability partner to help motivate you to continually work on powerful principles that will bring balance & stability to your body & mind. We will look at & work on the various stressors that are causing you harm. Through my Foundations of Health program I will help you build awareness & skills to maintain these practices in order to achieve optimal health & vitality.

I will be with you at each step of the way to assist you in achieving great health through sharing a wealth of health knowledge I have as a nutripath & working with you in creating mindful habits that support you in maintaining your commitment to yourself!

I offer these powerful 1 or 2 hour Holistic Health Coaching sessions on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule in order to help keep you motivated, accountable & on track to living a fuller, more healthy life.

Food & Supplement Testing

I offer a Food Test of over 70 different foods in order to get people on a diet that is specific to their body.

I test any supplement before recommending them to my clients so that we can both feel confident it will work before taking it.
The machine I use is a biofeedback device called the BioTrue. It is designed to do testing for foods & supplements in specific relation to the individual's body. A pinpoint tester is placed on the pericardium acupressure point in the palm. A food or supplement is then placed on the BioTrue access panel. It will assess the milliamperes of your bio-electrodermal information via the vagus nerve in relation to the bio-electrical milliamperes of the testing substance (ie. food or supplement). A meter provides interpretation of these results.

A Strong test indicates that the food or supplement is able to be processed, giving your body energy & is therefore good for you.
A Weak test indicates that the food or supplement is taking energy, not able to process in your body & is therefore not good for you.
Because the pericardium acupressure point is part of the vagus nervous system it can measure the bio-electrical responses related to the heart, brain & digestive functions.

This acupressure point provides an accurate non-invasive means of determining nutritional needs & assessing food & supplement guidelines for the individual.

   offer a Food Test of over 70 different foods in order to get my clients on a diet that is specific to their body.

Live Cell Microscopy

Through microscopic evaluation many tendencies towards dysfunction in the body can be revealed. The sample is observed through an Olympus microscope & a live image is projected onto a monitor so you can see what is going on inside your body. In the live blood cell analysis the red blood cells are observed for tendencies of nutritional deficiencies. The function of the white lymphocyte immune cells are observed for strengths, weaknesses, & cellular activation. Degenerative microorganisms such as yeast, bacteria, fungus, as well as heavy metals & other blockages can also be observed.

In the lymphatic fluid (saliva) analysis we can observe tendencies of the white immune cells & what they have been eliminating from your body. We can also observe if there are any parasites, rod-form or spirochete bacteria that can cause your body harm.

All of these kinds of toxins in our body can cause a multitude of inflammatory & painful issues.

Specific symbiopathic remedies & nutraceuticals can be recommended for biofeedback testing from these results.

Seeing is Believing! So come see what's going on inside your body!!!

Nutripathic Consultation

I am a Nutripath, which is the study of how nutrition & lifestyle from a biological approach can benefit our health & overall well-being.

Nutripathy is based on a combination of European Biological Science, Biochemistry, knowledge of Physiology, & integrates Eastern modalities as well as ancient healing philosophies & techniques. I am trained, certified & specialize in identifying the body's nutritional needs, degenerative tendencies & holistic lifestyle parameters.

The individual is regarded as a whole being, therefore I never consider only a single system or dis-eased organ but instead look at all relating factors & how they work together. I do not diagnose or treat the symptoms but focus on revealing the obstructed functions, underlying causation & will work to help you restore your body's natural healing functions.

In your personalized Nutripathic Wellness Plan I will look at many ways to support you in achieving your health & healing goals. I will offer symbiopathic & gut flora remedies along with lifestyle/dietary changes that help maintain the healthy terrain of your body to support your own regulatory systems to heal itself.

 Irijah McDowell is a Nutripath, Holistic Health Coach, Microscopist & Biofeedback Technician.

He is Not a Medical Doctor (MD), (PhD), or Physician and does not portray himself to be so. He does not practice allopathic medicine. He does Not prescribe, diagnose or treat any person or disease.

The biofeedback and live blood cell testing provided by the attending professional (Irijah McDowell) are not a medical test as provided by the American medical association. They are strictly non-invasive natural approaches. As an attending wellness consultant he is not practicing medicine and performs his services within the parameters of natural wellness and holistic self-healing approaches.

"I do not offer or prescribe or give any advice for pharmaceutical drugs, surgery, chemical stimulants, radiation therapy, or any other conventional medical treatments or medications." "In addition I will not diagnose, treat or otherwise prescribe for anyone's disease, conditions, or illnesses."
It is always recommended to seek professional advice from a medical doctor when needed.

His services are observations of tendencies intended to bring awareness to wellness and lifestyle stress parameters. All evaluations and suggestions are for the client's consideration and integration as they see fit. Thank you! Irijah McDowell

I look forward to helping you Achieve Optimal Health!
I look forward to helping you Achieve Optimal Health!